The Jhane Barnes Collection.

Jhane Barnes's design innovation has touched everything from fashion to furniture, ties to textiles. And now signage. Jhane Barnes + Takeform = the perfect partnership. Far beyond the basic utility of a sign, the "Jhane Collection" from Takeform delivers something artistic and interesting, expanding your ability to deliver originality. Now you can give your space Jhane's modernist thinking — a splash of pattern and color at every door.

24 Jhane Barnes patterns — each available in 4 "can't miss" colors — and every sign type within the Vivid collection.

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Jhane Barnes

About Jhane Barnes

Jhane Barnes is one of the rare design talents whose artistry has touched everything from men's fashions to eyewear to contract interiors ­with leading partners such as Tandus, Bernhardt, Knoll, Lumicor and Kenmark Optical.

She has received numerous honors including the Institute of Business Designers Gold Award, American Society of Interior Designers Gold Award, the Good Design Awards from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture, and Best of Neocon. In fashion, Jhane has won the Inaugural Council of Fashion Designers of America Menswear Design Award, Outstanding Menswear Designer of the Year by Cutty Sark, and multiple COTY Awards.

The Barnes approach to design is innovative and interesting. She melds an appreciation of artisanal and ancient crafts and cutting edge technologies.­ The result is a modernist sensibility that is distinctively Jhane Barnes.

Jhane and her husband Katsuhiko Kawasaki live north of New York City with their Italian greyhound dogs, Makoto and Sachiko, and Kenta, a dalmatian.


Nuance Statue of Liberty

Nuance Sand

Nuance Spring

Nuance Rose

Motherboard Blue Skies

Motherboard Kiwi

Motherboard Neutral

Motherboard Orange

Botany Burgundy

Botany Camel

Botany Navy

Botany Sandstone Gold

Brainstorm Apple Tree

Brainstorm Blue

Brainstorm Peachy

Brainstorm Pewter

Ebb and Flow Ocean

Ebb and Flow Pastel

Ebb and Flow Sand

Ebb and Flow Sunset

Texture Map Blue Heron

Texture Map Wine

Texture Map Montana Mica

Texture Map Green

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