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expand/collapse What signs will I need for my project?

The place to start is the Fusion "Sign Types and Uses"? section of our web site. This provides a good overview of required standard signs. Secondly, get Takeform involved. Our project technicians will evaluate your facility and advise on any code-required signage and make recommendations on wayfinding. (Project evaluations are free of charge. Takeform will provide complete design, wayfinding and programming on a fee basis. Your sales person will provide you with a quote for these services if required.) Further contact Takeform or your local sales representative and request a copy of "Get it on the Wall". This is a do-it-yourself guide that helps you identify the signage you require.

expand/collapse What is Takeform's warranty?

All Takeform products are warranted for five years against workmanship and material defects.

expand/collapse What do you need to evaluate a project?

Provide us with floor plans. We can use a hard copy or email files in a .dxf, .dwg or .pdf format. (See our section on digital file submissions for more details.)

expand/collapse Can you incorporate a logo or identity on the signs?

Yes, we have many ways of incorporating your brand in the signage. Often, the solution is printing your identity on the inserts in a graphically sensitive manner. We are also able to apply logos to the laminate portion of the sign utilizing our applique process. A third option is to engrave your identity on the face of the sign. The process chosen depends on the logo or graphic. Email your logo, and we will advise as to the optimum solution.

expand/collapse Can I use Fusion in outdoor applications?

Fusion is not recommended for exterior use. Fusion is very durable and chamber tested to endure extreme climate conditions for both temperature and humidity. It, however, is not designed for exterior use. We do approve it for limited exposure situations such as covered parking structures. If you have exterior signs on your project, Takeform can provide an alternate solution.

expand/collapse Does my facility have to comply with ADA regulation?

Yes, there are very few exemptions to the ADA regulation. You must also consider ANSI guidelines and any other building or fire/life safety codes in your area. The regulatory nature of signage can be confusing due to ongoing changes and differences in interpretation and enforcement between regulatory bodies. Our website has a detailed section on ADA and other codes pertaining to signage.

expand/collapse Do all signs require raised letters and Braille?

No, only signage relating to permanent room identification is required to have raised lettering and Braille. This excludes directories, directionals and general informational signage such as; No Smoking, Hours of Operation, etc. Secondary information on regulated room sign such as names and titles is not required to have raised text and Braille.

expand/collapse What is the grain direction of the laminate sign face?

We manufacture our face components with a horizontal grain. Decorative backers are cut with grain in the vertical position to contrast with the face components. You may request that an alternate grain direction be used.

expand/collapse How do you mount a sign to glass?

We typically cut a thin decorative laminate in the shape of the sign that is applied to the back of the glass. This covers all adhesive used to mount the sign. A less expensive vinyl solution is also available. Notify your sales associate at the time of order if mounting on glass.

expand/collapse How are work station signs attached to the panel?

We have a variety of attachments, including pin, magnet, Velcro® and numerous under-the-cap attachments designed for a particular panel. If we do not have an attachment for your system, we are happy to fabricate one.

expand/collapse What is your standard lead-time?

Takeform's standard lead-time is four weeks for manufacturing. Please keep in mind that additional time is required to get the job ready for manufacturing including the preparation of location plans, message schedules, design and approvals. Please get us involved a minimum of eight weeks in advance of the desired installation date.

expand/collapse Standard Fusion collections show four directory options. Are there more to choose from?

In addition to the standard Fusion directories, there is a wide selection of directory options within the Adapt System of components.

expand/collapse I need a sign type that is not available within Fusion.

Supplementing the Fusion collections is Adapt. Adapt is a system of 1100 components that may be utilized to configure a sign type not found within the standard Fusion collections.

expand/collapse Can we use laminates other than your standards?

Yes, any commercially available laminate may be utilized. Non-standard materials may extend the lead-times by one week. There is usually no up-charge, however, it is wise to confirm price and availability prior to order.

expand/collapse Can we use materials other than your standard Lumicor's for decorative backers?

Yes, again lead times may extend up to six weeks and there may be up-charges. Confirm price and availability at the time of order.

expand/collapse Do you offer any "real wood"? alternative to laminate?

Yes, we recommend pre-finished veneers by Tree Frog and Ligna by Formica. These materials have up-charges and will require additional lead time.

expand/collapse Do you manufacture donor recognition?

Yes, our designers are able to design custom solutions with the Adapt component system. Every donor project is a one-of-a-kind. Adapt allows us to create unique solutions utilizing special materials and imagery. Please contact your sales associate.

expand/collapse Does Takeform fabricate custom signage?

Typically no. Takeform understands that there are special situations where custom signage is the best solution. Often, however, the client's interests are not well served with a custom product. Customs carry a substantial design cost, which may be hidden within the unit cost. Further, with custom jobs, small follow on orders often receive a substantial up-charge.

With Fusion you have a signage system that is highly customizable through a broad range of shapes and material finishes. Fusion also, through a dynamic use of graphics, enables you to use signage to reinforce your identity or brand. The client can also be assured that they can order single signs with no special up-charge.

expand/collapse What if the sign cannot be positioned on the latch side of the door per ADA regulation?

In this instance, the sign may be installed on the nearest adjacent wall. Locate to allow approach within three inches (75mm) of the sign without encountering protruding objects or standing within the swing of the door.

expand/collapse What is your recommendation for cleaning signs?

Signs may be cleaned using a clean lint free cloth and Fantastic® All Purpose cleaner. DO NOT use ammonia or alcohol based cleaners.