A finely tuned sensitivity to space. And those who move through it.

Signage has always been functional. At Takeform, we think it should be an important part of your design palette as well. That’s why we created Fusion. To enable you to integrate signage and graphics with the essential elements of your interior.

Putting it all together.

It’s easy to update your system

Fusion’s printed inserts enable you to keep your signage current.
Our 8 1/2-inch wide format accepts standard
letter-sized paper or clear acetate
inserts. We’ll even provide an
insert template, so all you
have to do is key in the
new information and print.

Optimizing “people flow”

If your project requires a complete wayfinding assessment, look to Takeform. We create navigation systems for the built environment. We take the time to understand your environment - not just the space but those who use it. So what's the deliverable? Intuitive "people flow". Navigation that makes sense and that contributes to the customer experience.


Fusion complies with Federal ADA and local life safety code. But the important thing is that when you choose Takeform, we take complete responsibility for your compliance with code. One less thing to worry about.

Learn more about
ADA guidelines and requirements.

A Complete Sign System

Every Fusion design is a complete sign system from directories to work stations for every building location and destination. View the sign types that comprise every Fusion family.

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Custom Inserts & Graphics

Insert graphics bring another layer of expression to Fusion. Graphics can be used to reinforce your identity and to help unite elements of your space. They can convey a theme or express who you are and what you do.

Work Station ID's

Work station ID's are part of a complete sign system. We have attachments for virtually every system line.

Creative Tools

Concept Studio

Need inspiration? Browse our
Concept Studio. It's full
of ideas.

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Design Center

Play. Finesse. Compare.
Create an entire sign system
in our Design Center.

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The Fusion Story

Fusion was created to enable the integration of signage and the interior space. Listen to the creators talk about the thinking behind Fusion.

Watch the video

Green to the core

The key is our substrate-Green 209.
It's a real wood
product sourced from companies utilizing sustainable management practices. Most of our laminates also carry the Green Guard certification for indoor air quality.