ALoft Buffalo Downtown
Trendy hospitality energizes historic space

Collaborating with one of the city's most stylish hotels, ALoft Buffalo Downtown, we helped them make their mark at 500 Pearl — the city's once-storied clubhouse. Working with the brand's dynamic graphic standards, we translated the contemporary urban vibe to engaging wayfinding and signage throughout their space.

ALoft's signature forms, trendy finishes, and unmistakable style are artfully united within the signage system.
Even routine code signage is treated as an integrated design element.
The system's refined details bring design sophistication to every sign throughout the space.

Over a century ago, 500 Pearl was the gathering place for some of our country's social elite – FDR, among that select group. Today, the destination has been reimagined with the latest amenities for its twenty-first-century clientele, all while paying due respect to the building's proud heritage. Through its contemporary lines, finishes, patterns, furnishings, ALoft Buffalo carves out its trendy niche within 500 Pearl's traditionally upscale environment. The sophisticated signage system punctuates ALoft's design statement throughout its invitingly edgy space.

Updateable messaging keeps the signage in tune with the space.
Flag mount signs that stand out literally and aesthetically.
Updateable directories are as fresh as the space that surrounds them.
Signage design fro Hospitality market: ALoft Hotel "Staff Only" sign
Contemporary signage creates an unexpected but intriguing contrast with the more traditional architectural details.

The brands within the brand

A scaled-down, but subtly powerful brand statement at ALoft's W XYZ bar, identifies this popular destination for drinks, food, and live music.
Ethos dimensional letters bring a bold presence to RE: FUEL by ALoft. It's the 24/7 one-stop snack shop savored by ALoft guests around the world.

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