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Project Profile: H&R Block

H&R Block: 500 Offices. 6 Months. Nationwide. With every interaction, H&R Block is changing how people perceive the tax experience. With retail offices being a key engagement point, we worked closely with them to invigorate 500 locations across the US. Each “Brand 17" office was energized…  read more

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Why leave sign selection to the General Contractor?

Your sign system communicates with people every day. It's important it's speaking to them in your voice. We get last minute calls all the time regarding signs needed for a new project. The designer specified only general signs to meet code whereby the GC includes only a small budget to cover these minimal…  read more

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6 Wayfinding design differentiators

6 wayfinding design differentiators Here are six questions that will help you evaluate wayfinding design capability. 1 Do they have the design sensitivity to aesthetically connect your brand and wayfinding to your architecture? 2 Do they understand wayfinding? It's more than signs – look for those…  read more

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Interior signage: New expectations

Gone are the days where we just expect a sign to be functional with no sensitivity to the space or people who occupy it. Blue restroom signs and plain colored plaques with a room number are no longer acceptable, unless you are a contractor just trying to get a certificate of occupancy. More than ever,…  read more

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