Our premium raised footer

Takeform's premium raised footer installation method provides a clean professional look for your exterior signage. A raised footer protects the bottom of your sign from the errant lawn mower or overzealous string trimmer-wielding caretaker.

Close up detail of stainless cap screw that allows for easy sign replacement on proprietary footer.

Brushed stainless steel socket cap screws provide a refined finish as well as a means of removing the sign without having to replace the footer. This is especially practical for signage in high traffic areas that run the risk of sustaining vehicular damage.

Exterior hospital directional sign on Takeform's premium footer with stainless socket cap screws.

Additionally, the concrete surface provides an excellent base should you want to further refine your signage with the addition of a masonry fa├žade such as stone or brick.

Hospital exterior logo sign with stone facade on footer

Stand up and get noticed.
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