H&R Block: ≈ 4,000 Offices. Five years. Nationwide.

H&R Block Lobby Sign

With every interaction, H&R Block is changing how people perceive the tax experience. With retail offices being a key engagement point, we work closely with them to invigorate thousands of locations across the US. Each “Brand 17" office was energized with inviting brand elements including graphic wall panels, workstation IDs, and a bespoke dimensional logo treatment (above).

Custom dimensional sign for H&R Block that anchors the branded space.



WHAT: Branded environments within retail office space.

WHERE: ≈ 4,000 locations throughout the U.S.


DEALER: JAMCO | A Herman Miller Certified Dealer

A bold statement

Powerful clarity. The spirit of H&R Block's guarantee comes through on vibrant Moxie graphic panels which have readily adapted to H&R Block's thousands of varied office configurations.

H&R Block Sign

Greeting every visitor is a powerful brand message from the firm's founder. Moxie delivers these timeless words of wisdom with a strong, contemporary aesthetic.

H&R Block Mag Board

We created this custom magnetic panel to meet two needs for H&R Block: branding the space and easy display of current promotions.

On brand. On budget. On schedule.

H&R Work Station Sign
H&R Block Workstation Sign
H&R Block Workstation Sign
H&R Block Workstation Sign

Melissa Burritt, our Customer Experience Manager explains that Takeform is uniquely capable of delivering this demanding project on every level. Exacting brand standards and aggressive installation schedules require well-coordinated team work at every stage. We collaborated closely with H&R Block's marketing team to translate their

brand to the office space while thorough prototyping ensured stringent brand requirements were achieved. To ensure hassle-free fulfillment, installations across the U.S. are closely coordinated with project partners Cushman & Wakefield and JAMCO.

“Takeform not only made this branding project aesthetically possible, but seamlessly delivered on the logistical demands of almost 4,000 installations across the US over a period of approximately five years. Through weekly meetings and status updates, projects are kept on track which simplified this initiative for our clients at H&R Block."

Raffaele Gatti, Project Manager, Cushman & Wakefield

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H&R Block Signage

Adapting to fit the market

Our processes and product are designed to adapt. For H&R Block, thirty-percent of the target offices are located in Latino communities. We worked with the client to fluently translate the brand resulting in an environment that speaks with cultural sensitivity.

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