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Project Highlight: Richmond Heights High School

PROJECT HIGHLIGHT Richmond Heights School District Halls of inspiration Larger-than-life graphics remind students of all that's possible When it came time to break ground on a fresh, exciting new space for seventh- through 12th-graders, Richmond Heights School District' superintendent Dr. Renee T. Willis…  read more

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Project Profile: Monroe Community College

First impressions are important, so expectations are set high starting at the main entrance — students are shown that MCC takes them and their future seriously. With that in mind, the main lobby reception area greets students and visitors with an elegant dimensional logo treatment backed by a rich…  read more

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Partitions Guide

Guide to Partitions, Screens & Shields Partitions, screens, and shields (aka protective barriers) are playing a critical role in mitigating the spread of pathogens and contagious disease. As we return to work, school, and some degree of normalcy, the need for these products will be even greater.…  read more

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Project Highlight: LSUS

PROJECT HIGHLIGHT LSUS A natural reflection. First impressions. The exterior of the new renovated Science Lecture Auditorium at LSUS marks the location with raised lettering from Takeform's Ethos line. Each weather-resistant letter is ¾ inch cast aluminum, brushed, and clear coated. Reimagined lecture…  read more

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