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Project Highlight: Metropolitan at The 9

PROJECT HIGHLIGHT Metropolitan at The 9 Rendered and ready. Takeform closes the gap between dreamy visions and feasible plans. Profile Details WHAT: Interior wayfinding and signage design, exterior on-building signage design, specification package. WHERE: Cleveland, Ohio CONTRIBUTORS: DEVELOPER: Geis…  read more

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Project Profile: Monroe Community College

First impressions are important, so expectations are set high starting at the main entrance — students are shown that MCC takes them and their future seriously. With that in mind, the main lobby reception area greets students and visitors with an elegant dimensional logo treatment backed by a rich…  read more

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Product Spotlight: Vivid

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT Vivid Powerful expression for a small brand with a big heart Local startup to national trendsetter. Nonprofit to NASDAQ. We believe every organization should express its unique brand story, and doing so shouldn't require deep pockets and a high-power agency. That's why we created Vivid…  read more

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Six things to consider before you rebrand your healthcare space

Six things to consider... (before you rebrand your healthcare space.) These days, hospital systems can be vast and complex organizations with many kinds of facilities. So, when one embarks on a sweeping identity rebrand, well-designed graphic systems unify disparate sites. They create a comforting,…  read more

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The power of offices as post-pandemic culture ICUs

The power of OFFICES as post-pandemic culture ICUsThe prescription to renew critical connections in the workplace Culture. It might be thought of as a company's lifeblood. Or put another way, it's an organization's DNA. It's what makes an it unique and defines its “personality" – especially for…  read more

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Institute for Women’s Leadership

PROJECT HIGHLIGHT Institute for Women's Leadership A space to celebrate women Interpretive displays. Takeform designed and built panels to display archival material in a protected way, along with Object IDs (printed panels to appear beside each artifact to explain the archival material). Three exhibits…  read more

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Project Profiles: The Children's Center Rehabilitation Hospital

Project Profile: The Children's Center Rehabilitation Hospital For children's hospital, Hummingbird Highway is a smart direction PROJECT PROFILECLIENT: The Children's Center Rehabilitation HospitalWHAT: Exterior and Interior Wayfinding, Theming, Parking Facility WayfindingWHERE: Oklahoma CityARCHITECT/…  read more

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