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The changing business model in experiential design.

The changing business model in experiential design. How an end-to-end approach is replacing an old tradition – and how it can prevent exploding budgets, finger pointing, and headaches for your client. Here's a scenario you might recognize – and some pitfalls your clients have encountered, too. Suppose…  read more

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6 things to consider before you rebrand your healthcare space

6 things to considerbefore you rebrand your healthcare space. These days, hospital systems can be vast and complex organizations with many kinds of facilities. So, when one embarks on a sweeping identity rebrand, well-designed graphic systems unify disparate sites. They create a comforting, familiar…  read more

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6 wayfinding service advantages

What are the real advantages to wayfinding services? Here are 6 questions to consider: Advantage 1 Do they offer ownership services designed to maximize the value of your system over the long term? Advantage 2 Do they provide price protection by guaranteeing the price you pay for reorders and follow-on…  read more

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