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Project Highlight: Metropolitan at The 9

PROJECT HIGHLIGHT Metropolitan at The 9 Rendered and ready. Takeform closes the gap between dreamy visions and feasible plans. Profile Details WHAT: Interior wayfinding and signage design, exterior on-building signage design, specification package. WHERE: Cleveland, Ohio CONTRIBUTORS: DEVELOPER: Geis…  read more

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Project Highlight: Bents Opera House

PROJECT HIGHLIGHT Bent's Opera House Bringing cosmopolitan sophistication to a historic rural landmark. At its opening in 1865, Bent's Opera House (Bent's) was a mixed-use destination ahead of its time. The three-story Medina Sandstone building offered three first-level storefronts, offices on the second,…  read more

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Branded Social Distancing Floor Decals

COVID-19 PROTECTION Branded Social Distancing Floor Decals We all understand the social-distancing concept on a theoretical level, but have you noticed how difficult it can be to put into practice? It's especially challenging when preoccupied – old habits can take over. Help people practice healthy…  read more

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