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Interior signage: New expectations

Gone are the days where we just expect a sign to be functional with no sensitivity to the space or people who occupy it. Blue restroom signs and plain colored plaques with a room number are no longer acceptable, unless you are a contractor just trying to get a certificate of occupancy. More than ever,…  read more

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5 steps to a successful Wayfinding program

We've talked about the top 5 mistakes of wayfinding in healthcare. How do you start the process in defining a successful program? Here are our top 5 suggestions.1. Put together a complete wayfinding team. This should include more than people representing facilities and clinical departments. It requires…  read more

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17 points to consider about your sign company before you purchase

Do they have design sensitivity – can they “connect" signage to your architecture and space? Do they understand wayfinding? Do they understand branding? Do they manufacture the signage themselves? Do they have a custom sign product which may make it more difficult to add to or support? Do they provide…  read more

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Awards & Patents

Awards & Patents Best of Adex 2019 Lucid Refined Interior Signage Adex Platinum 2019 Lucid Refined Interior Signage Adex Platinum 2019 Attend Patient Room Signs GOOD DESIGN Award ® 2019 Takeform Brand Book: Living Our Brand GOOD DESIGN Award ® 2019 Lucid Refined Interior Signage GOOD DESIGN Award…  read more

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Don’t forget the breadcrumb followers

Don't forget the breadcrumb followers. You may already have posted maps, yet wonder why some people still get lost. Or you may be one who gets confused with map information, and find yourself turning left when you should have turned right.“When it comes to wayfinding, there are two different ways…  read more

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