Dimensions 33.9"w x 20"h x 3.9"d
Compartment Dimensions Sanitizer Dispenser: 8"w x 18"h x 3.9"d
Gown compartment: 11.5"w x 12.6"h x 3.2"d
Mask compartment: 7"w x 3.7"h x 3.2"d
Glove (x3) compartment: 5.1"w x 9.6"h x 3.2"d
Weight 25 lbs.
Shipping Weight 30 lbs.
Description (1) Sanitizer Station, single compartment for masks, compartment for gowns and triple compartment for glove boxes.
Options Consumables not included with purchase of unit. Recommended materials:
• Purell ® TFX Touch-Free Dispenser (Model 2720-12) & Purell ® TFX 1200 ml Refill (Model 5456-04);
• Kimberly-Clark ® Professional Kleenex Facial Tissue | 100ct. (Product Code 21400);
• Kimberly-Clark ® Safeskin Disposable Nitrile Gloves | 100ct. Sizes Sm, Md, Lg & XL (Product Codes 55081, 55082, 55083 & 55084);
• Kimberly-Clark ® Procedure Mask | 50ct. (Product Code 47080);
Mounting Screw mount; template and all hardware for both drywall and masonry provided.
Construction Powder coated steel body with balance-laminated thermoplastic face, sides and top

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