Does my facility have to comply with ADA regulation?

Yes, there are very few exemptions to the ADA regulation. You must also consider ANSI guidelines and any other building or fire/life safety codes in your area. The regulatory nature of signage can be confusing due to ongoing changes and differences in interpretation and enforcement between regulatory bodies. Our website has a detailed section on ADA and other codes pertaining to signage.

Do all signs require raised letters and Braille?

No, only signage relating to permanent room identification is required to have raised lettering and Braille. This excludes directories, directionals and general informational signage such as; No Smoking, Hours of Operation, etc. Secondary information on regulated room sign such as names and titles is not required to have raised text and Braille.

What if the sign cannot be positioned on the latch side of the door per ADA regulation?

In this instance, the sign may be installed on the nearest adjacent wall. Locate to allow approach within three inches (75mm) of the sign without encountering protruding objects or standing within the swing of the door.