Libraries are fun, exciting spaces with much to explore, do and learn. Takeform understands the library environment and can provide signage and colorful, large format graphics to add to that excitement. We appreciate that libraries are unique destinations with a familiar identity in the community – and we can ensure that your entire sign system signals who you are, inside and out.

Wayfinding has a double meaning in the library environment.

Library visitors often have specific interests. Well planned signage and graphics can create a space that's both beautiful and easy to maneuver – so your visitors can quickly find what they're looking for. And when they need the restroom, exit or assistance desk, we'll make that easy to find too.

Wayfinding Services
library interior
Digital printed book rack end-cap sign

Every sign type you need.

Whether you choose our image-intense Vivid or our architecturally connected Fusion, you'll have a complete set of shapes, sizes, sign types, and finishes to do the whole job – overheads to designate a section or genre, signs for the end stacks, directories, directionals and room identifiers – code too. It's all here.

Fusion Sign Types Vivid Sign Types

One company.

It's vital that you have one company responsible for your project success. Only one. We're graphic designers with a keen knowledge of wayfinding and storytelling. We're also manufacturers. So we own your project from beginning to end. Which gives you the single-point accountability that's missing when sign design and fabrication are disconnected.

Your Partner
Library sign system

You're covered with TakeCare.

TakeCare is a suite of ownership services designed to make owning signage easy and cost effective. Your account executive will manage your sign standard assuring consistency for years forward. TakeCare also guarantees the price you pay on follow-on signs and inserts. And when it comes to updating inserts, you have a choice. Use our templates and do it yourself, or we'll take care of it for you and ship your updated materials within 48 hours – or they're free.


We only have one world. Takeform helps take care of it.

Our Vivid signage product is made from 65% post industrial waste and is 100% recyclable under Recycling code 7. It is the only sign that can make this claim.

Vivid. A Green Product.

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