Let them do what they do best–care.

When it comes to exceptional care, looking out for every patient begins at the doorway to their patient room, where staff need to share vital information. Additions includes Attend Patient Room Signs designed to help you provide the highest level of care.

Icons, symbols and solutions from Takeform for Patient Care Signs

Now more than ever, keep tabs on them.

Our unique tabs are printed and coated with a durable protection to keep-up with the pace of your environment. Choose from Takeform's wide selection of icons or submit your own. We're here to support you however you best implement care.
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Beyond compliance.

The Takeform Patient Room Sign is engineered to the "nth" degree; update nearly everything wherever and whenever your care system needs to change. Which includes our printed polycarbonate inserts—the ultimate defense against particle absorption.

Make an epic connection.

Both magnetic and tab options are easy-to-clean units and designed to complement your space or interior signage family with an elevated aesthetic; something your guests are sure to notice.
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A magnetic personality.

Are you in a high-turnover healthcare environment? In need of a large volume of messages to care for your guests most effectively? The Takeform magnetic option for Patient Room Signs is just the solution. The quickest to clean and update but ensures support of the way you provide care.
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Safe. Secure. Reliable.

To protect patient information, Attend Patient Room Signs have a built-in locking mechanism to ensure vital care information remains as it should and this unique Takeform design protects just that. The hidden mechanism becomes visible at the top when in the unlocked position — something only your staff is clued in on.

Built to suit your needs.

As healthcare staff make their rounds, the first stop is always at the door to the patient's room; Attend Patient Room Signs are engineered to fill what we believe is a vital role. Don't underestimate the power of these signs and the effect they can have on your delivery of protection.
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