Hand pushes down on hand sanitizer pump bottle

Pump bottle

To provide the most flexible functionality, we offer a pump bottle configuration to simplify dispensing and open up even greater hand sanitizer consumable* options. Use any hand sanitizing liquid or gel. A pump bottle is included with bottle-configured PPE Stations.

Man's hand waits underneath touch-free sanitizer dispenser

Touch-free foaming dispenser

For maximum protection and ease of use, specify this automated dispenser that works with any foaming hand sanitizer liquid. The refillable cartridge means you're not dependent on proprietary refills, so you can use whatever consumable product you have available. (The touch-free dispenser is not included with the PPE Station. Please order separately.)

Female hand pulls mask from PPE Station dispenser

Mask dispenser

Stock the dispenser with up to 50 disposable face masks. Holds masks in mask dispenser size 5.1"w x 7.0"h x 3.2"d

Top-view of Tissue dispensing PPE Station by Takeform

Tissue dispenser

Holds a standard Tissue box size: 5.1"w x 9.0"h x 3.2"d

Waste bag on freestanding PPE Station

Waste paper bag arms

Built into the feet of our freestanding units, this feature capitalizes on floor space while providing the quickest way to discard of used PPE.