Freestyle Partitioning – wherever you need it.

Workstation protection, space division, traffic dividers – Adjoin freestanding partitions perform the functions you need with a refreshingly simple structure and extensive finish options. Specify individual partitions or select from our pre-engineered configurations.

Drawing of Maple finished freestanding desktop partition

Like the Adjoin workstation partitions, the Freestanding partitions are designed for tool-free assembly with components that simply slide together, so anyone can have a partition in place in minutes. And to get them to you just as efficiently, we made the ordering process easy too...

The 5-step Ordering Process

Photo of two people walking on opposite sides of freestanding partition
Young man checks temperature of woman upon entry to building
Screening pass-though window and Built-in 5" utility shelf  keeps equipment readily accessible
Screening pass-though window // Built-in 5" utility shelf keeps equipment readily accessible

Safety. Confidence. Clarity.

Adjoin Temperature Check Stations protect screeners and incoming visitors throughout the process with practical features and instructional signage that keeps people safe and the process efficient.

Four Standard Sizes. Plus Stackers!

Check out Configurations

Drawing of the standard heights of Adjoin Freestanding partitions offered by Takeform
Drawing of Temperature Check configuration

Configurations that Work

Adjoin Freestanding offers pre-configured temperature-check stations, In-line series, L-angles and other useful packages designed to streamline specification and eliminate project-specific engineering so you can have your Adjoin system on site and installed fast.

Explore Freestanding Configurations

Close-up of high pressure laminate swatches

A material difference.

Go ahead, name your finish. When you specify a high-pressure laminate to match your system or furniture, Adjoin Freestanding takes its place as a welcome addition to your space.

Explore Materials
Two hands attach workstation partitions without tools

No install crew. No install cost. No tools.

Could it get any easier? Adjoin is engineered to keep exposure and expense to a minimum. We created Adjoin freestanding and workstation partitions to assemble in minutes with no tools or hardware so you can get back to business safely. Quickly.

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