Safer students. Improved perspectives.

FunView™ transforms protective shields from isolating barriers to imagination-capturing screens that give kids a more positive view of their classroom and learning.

Young boy sits behind FunView Graphic Shield with cartoon of man walking on the moon printed on the face

Creative + Colorful

From video games to walking on the moon, explore FunView's imaginative and playful designs that help children have fun while learning in a safe, protected environment. All designs are available in two standard sizes:

• 20"w x 13.5"d x 18.75"h
• 22"w x 17"d x 22"h

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Protecting students. Capturing imaginations.

Highly functional
• Economical • Unbreakable
• Portable • Cleanable
• Tool-free 30-second installation
• 100% recyclable
Visually fun
• Age-oriented graphic options
• Custom graphics available
• Name block for easy identification

Explore Designs
Young blonde girl raised hand behind FunView Graphic Desktop Shield
Sideview of student walking on sidewalk carrying portable FunView Desktop with ease

Portable Protection.

FunView is the foldable, lightweight desktop shield engineered to easily move from class to class – minimizing the exposure risk from shared screens.

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Tool-free installation

Self-adhesive foot pads are easily positioned on the desk. Keep a single shield in place for every class, or students can carry their own shield with them and clip them in place to the pre-positioned foot pad already on the desk.

Closeup of desk attachment for FunView Graphic Panels
Young female student smiles under face mask with pink backpack in front of school

Mark it with a "B"

Our designers strategically designed a clear area into each graphic for the writing in the student's name. For younger students, this identification can help faculty get to know and identify students (especially with ongoing classroom reorganization). For older students, identifying the portable shield minimizes infection risk and confusion about whose shield is whose.

Two young students raise hands behind FunView Desktop Shields

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