Healing People. Together.

Return is a comprehensive suite of COVID-19 focused signage, PPE stations, and protective partitions backed by our Healthy Medical Space Planning service. Return helps everyone come back safely to where care is most effectively delivered.

Young female nurse wearing mask takes termperature of patient wearing mask during home visit

Protect & Communicate.

We all want to get back to comprehensive healthcare services and the spaces where healing happens. But as much as we all share that desire, we also share COVID-19 concerns. So, Return for Healthcare is a complete solution that provides expert thinking to help you develop the right strategy PLUS the products to bring the plan to fruition. And if you prefer, we can install it for you too.

Planning & Wayfinding Interior & Exterior Signage Shields and Partitions PPE Stations
Nurse sits with patient wearing mask
Closeup of Adjoin Shield
PPE Stations
Exterior sign with brright red arrow
Two nurses in blue scrubs walk down bright corridor after using Hand Sanitizer at a Readiness Station

Readiness Stations.

Return offers a wide variety PPE station configurations specifically curated to meet the needs of healthcare environments. Choose from multi-product stations to dispense hand sanitizer, face masks, and tissues to single-product dispensers for surface wipes or hand sanitizer.

Additions by Takeform
Return for Healthcare playbook cover: The playbook offers signage, accessories, and protective partitions to protect people from COVID-19 in medical facilities.

Download the Playbook.

Let us know a little about your project in this short form and we'll send you the Return for Healthcare Playbook containing 23 environmental scenarios that provide product and messaging recommendations for a comprehensive set of spaces within the healthcare environment.

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