The comprehensive platform for back-to-school messaging, safety and signage.

Including recommendations for 32 varying school scenarios that provide guidance for specific spaces within your institution. As COVID-19 will continue to concern the public for the foreseeable future, trusting our schools and universities is going to take a foundational change in the way we do almost everything.

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Learning. Together.

We all want our students to get back to school so they can learn and grow together. A plan is only as good as its execution. Return for education is the complete solution that provides expert thinking to help you develop the right strategy PLUS the products to bring the plan to fruition. And if you prefer, we'll install it for you too.

Planning & Wayfinding Shields and Partitions Readiness Stations Interior & Exterior Signage
Fusion Classroom sign next to a full student lecture hall

Lasting impressions.

Your signage is one of the first impressions you'll make with campus visitors – including prospective students and their parents. Wherever you are in the academic calendar, Takeform's been serving the Education market for decades. How can we help improve your brand connection?

Solutions in Education

Adjoin | Shields & Partitions.

Our Adaptive Panel System fits almost any learning environment—including open gathering spaces. Select materials or finishes that complement your furniture and brand. You can even specify custom graphics for added brand presence. All without need for visible drilling or fasteners that would compromise the integrity of your equipment.

Adjoin Shields & Partitions
Clear Adjoin panels divide round tables in public dining area
PPE Stations

Where to start?

Transforming schools into spaces that protect everyone is equally about protecting our future. That's why we've put together this document that helps you navigate a plethora of scenarios in overview of product, signage and messaging recommendations.

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