We all want to get back to our offices so we can get back to working together.

Return is a suite of back-to-work signage, PPE stations, and partitioning solutions backed by our Healthy Workspace Planning service. Return helps everyone work healthier and feel safe in the spaces where your business gets done.

Freestanding signage to promote safety sits in front lobby of office

• Healthy Workplace planning
• Wayfinding Services
• Interior & Exterior Signage
• Freestanding Signage
• Instructional Signage
• Wall Posters
• Window Clings
• Floor Decals
• Banners
• Shields and Partitions
• PPE and Sanitizer Stations

Shields and Partitions
PPE Stations
Interior/Exterior Signage

Adjoin | Shields & Partitions.

Our Adaptive Panel System fits virtually every workspace scenario. Select materials or finishes to complement your space and brand. You can even specify custom graphics for added brand presence. All without need for visible drilling or fasteners that would compromise the integrity of your furniture investment.

Adjoin Shields & Partitions
Clear Acrylic Panels fit the tops of red office cubicles
Sign on wall reading "Please follow designated pathways."

Intentional messaging.

Communication is key to compliance and confidence. Return is the signage solution that provides comprehensive messaging options and a complete range of product and materials to fit every workplace scenario. We've developed a range of messaging solutions specifically for the workplace included in our Return to Work Playbook.

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Temperature Check Stations.

We offer this partition configuration designed with features for safe and effective screening. And like all things Takeform, they can be specified with messaging, graphics, and finishes to complement your space and brand.

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Where to start?

Let us know a little about your project and we'll send you the Return to Work Playbook containing 23 environmental scenarios that provide product and messaging recommendations for a comprehensive set of spaces within the corporate environment.

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A peek at some recent projects.

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