Signage is a specialized product category driven by federal regulation and local code. It is often difficult for architects and designers. We know that and have developed software tools and spec services that can help. We'll work with you to sign plan, clarify code or establish budgets during the preliminary stages of a project.

Comprehensive spec package.

Our spec package is comprehensive comprised of a color rendering of your sign system, CSI formatted specification and fabrication drawings. The spec spares you countless hours of preparing these documents. It also protects you from errors or omissions related to code or deficiencies of the signage and wayfinding system.

Samples – of course.

Sometimes you just need to hold it in your hand. We get it. So if you need a sample, just ask. We'll have it to you in a hurry.

Mock-ups too.

Prototyping spaces, particularly in healthcare, has become increasingly important to confirm that the room will work as envisioned. We are happy to provide mock-ups plus our expertise. And there's no charge for either one.

Not sure where to begin?

Our digital Design Center lets you create complete sign systems and save them to a folder on our site for later submission and pricing. Or just give us a call. We'll show you how to begin.

Farm fresh.

We're from upstate NY. Cows. Corn. And lots of apples. Not easy to get to but nice. Naturally, we want to keep it that way. So we recycle everything. And our power is hydroelectric, a completely renewable resource. Plus, every new product development has a reuse goal. Our materials team searches high and low for raw materials that won't compromise the earth we treasure.

Vivid. A Green Product.