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Photo of Swagelok HQ exterior featuring a branded illuminated Signify extreior sign

Project Highlight: Swagelok

PROJECT HIGHLIGHT Swagelok Global Headquarters and Innovation Center Global gathering place Takeform helps Ohio company create welcoming new HQ for staff and customers Ethos custom lettering on the new building lives within a rail system that represents the company's systems. When this Fortune 500 high-tech…  read more

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Takeform on 10 From the moment you approach our space, you know it promises a different experience. Our entry's edgy urban vibe adds a unique energy to the MART – it's an expression of our enthusiasm. But that's just the beginning, from that urban edge to subtle sophistication, our showroom is meant…  read more

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Industry Spotlight: Healthier Hospitals Initiative (HHI)

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT Healthier Hospitals Initiative Helping hospitals get healthier Sustainability initiative enables health systems to take a closer look at their own environment Hospitals are places of health and healing—including treating people whose illnesses can be directly linked to unhealthy…  read more

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Veri Peri. Very Accurate.

Color is a powerful brand trigger. It runs much deeper than creating a simple color association for a brand. Color has a strong, subconscious effect on people that inspires specific emotions and feelings. Smart brands are very intentional about color psychology. And when you consider the endless number…  read more

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Project Highlight: Richmond Heights High School

PROJECT HIGHLIGHT Richmond Heights School District Halls of inspiration Larger-than-life graphics remind students of all that's possible When it came time to break ground on a fresh, exciting new space for seventh- through 12th-graders, Richmond Heights School District' superintendent Dr. Renee T. Willis…  read more

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Project Highlight: Metropolitan at The 9

PROJECT HIGHLIGHT Metropolitan at The 9 Rendered and ready. Takeform closes the gap between dreamy visions and feasible plans. Profile Details WHAT: Interior wayfinding and signage design, exterior on-building signage design, specification package. WHERE: Cleveland, Ohio CONTRIBUTORS: DEVELOPER: Geis…  read more

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Project Highlight: Glenn Research Center

PROJECT HIGHLIGHT NASA Glenn Research Center Sky-high inspiration. Cleveland NASA campus adds research building befitting exploration, collaboration. Dramatic yet subtle Amplify custom window films display inspiring messaging and dramatic NASA technology imagery. When the NASA John H. Glenn Research…  read more

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Project Profile: H&R Block

PROJECT PROFILE H&R Block 4,000 Offices. Five years. Nationwide. With every interaction, H&R Block is changing how people perceive the tax experience. With retail offices being a key engagement point, we work closely with them to invigorate thousands of locations across the US. Each “Brand…  read more

Project Highlight: Bents Opera House

PROJECT HIGHLIGHT Bent's Opera House Bringing cosmopolitan sophistication to a historic rural landmark. At its opening in 1865, Bent's Opera House (Bent's) was a mixed-use destination ahead of its time. The three-story Medina Sandstone building offered three first-level storefronts, offices on the second,…  read more

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