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A dark woodgrain sanitizer station design that dispenses masks, tissues, and hand sanitizer adjacent to a door with matching woodgrain.

Far from sterile sanitizing stations

Hospitals, schools, offices – anywhere people gather, sanitizer needs arise. Takeform turns an afterthought – where does all this stuff go – into an intentional, thoughtful opportunity.


Beyond just sanitizer.

We've designed a range of configurations for different functionality. Keep disinfectant, sanitizer wipes, gloves, masks, tissues, gowns and more out of the way but totally at hand.


Better than a bottle on a table.

Visitors and staff don't want to think hygiene was an afterthought. Takeform's sanitizer stations show you care about health but also about aesthetics.


Sanitizer stations that align with use cases and the architectural finishes of your space. Need something different? Let's talk about custom options.


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Need a sample?

Want to take a closer look? We’ll bring the full-service treatment to you with material samples delivered to your doorstep.

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