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An immersive art installation of a playful cityscape on graphic panels in a pediatric hospital seating area.

Moxie graphic panels do more than decorate.

Take your brand to new heights or around unexpected corners with Moxie. Moxie takes on big spaces or scales down to create elegant artwork and striking signage.

An expansive experiential graphic display in an airport featuring international architectural landmarks and a world map on a multi-story graphic panel installation

Every space can be an experience

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, what if the picture is larger than life? Large format graphic panels help your brand become undeniable and unforgettable. Space can – and should – shape, support and grow your identity and build unbreakable connections. Your customers, team, visitors, students, patients, truly anyone who enters should be moved by Moxie, including you.

A visually energetic "Make Ideas" graphic panel installation in a professional school maker's space.


Explore real-world projects and products. Browse by product, application, or capability. Dive in and get inspired, then shape your own branded space.

Moxie documents and downloads

Explore product brochures and specs. Check installation guides and care instructions. Find code and compliance resources. And more.

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