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Effortless, elegant stackers & panels.

Eliminate distractions and enhance privacy in open concept spaces. Add workstation stackers and partitions with compelling finishes or graphics to any furniture without damage.

Breathing room and a brand opportunity

Come together. Have some space. Stand out. Adjoin's adaptive panels are designed for productivity and privacy – with a bonus of added visual interest. Specify the configuration that fits your space, then select from a range of material options, choose the height, and specify your exact partition width measurement. Adding graphics or patterns are a smart way to push your aesthetic even further.


Materials galore

High-pressure laminates coordinate and complement any space and brand. Clear or frosted acrylic are a minimalist option and allow for safer interactions with colleagues or customers. Spec Moxie or Oomph and layer on patterns, textures, graphics and direct print options – from our library or your imagination – for that something extra.


Polished protection

Surfaces and finishes for Adjoin were selected for easy maintenance and durability. Confidently use bleach- and alcohol-based cleaners and more to clean and disinfect.



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Need a sample?

Want to take a closer look? We’ll bring the full-service treatment to you with material samples delivered to your doorstep.

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