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A wall accessory system design with a diagonal geometric pattern and bold orange finishes. Elements include wall organizers, message boards, sanitizer stations, and workstation nameplate

Because little things add up, choose Additions

Wall accessories designed with purposeful and aesthetic intent. With Additions, every finishing touch and accessory connects with your space and contributes to a positive experience.

A positive brand experience.

Clutter, piles, haphazardly placed bulletins make an impression, but not a good one. With Additions, accessories aren't an afterthought, they show just how much thought you've put into your space. Design continuity, clear communication and cleanliness demonstrate to everyone from team members to visitor just how much you care.

A modernist interior office space with custom wallcovering, window films, and wall accessories that complement the interior design concept.
Several people work in a collaborative space featuring green acoustic wall panels and workstation stackers with a dimensional push-through pattern.

Completely calculated.

No details are too small. Our Additions line includes a range of products that can be mounted to walls, easily installed in workspaces or thoughtfully placed on counters or in available floorspace. Specially configure your accessories to do what you need, where you need them.

A branded signage and wall accessory system designed for a healthcare system is pictured next to a doctor washing hands and a photo of a dramatic mountainscape.

Anything but basic.

With impeccable design and brand-enhancing materials and finishes, our Additions never look off-the-shelf. Customize, color match, pick from a range of sizes and configurations. Add some printed imagery or some brand messaging.

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