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Acoustic workstation stackers with Oomph

Create stylish sanctuary with gorgeous sound-absorbing panel stackers and partitions. Custom graphics or thousands of standard pattern options. Add elegant discretion and distraction-free comfort anywhere.

Full color printing on an Oomph workstation stacker.

Superior custom printing

Takeform's custom printing features greater clarity, vibrance, and nuance because our engineers stay on top of the latest inks and printing technology, and our imaging experts understand how to optimize image files for the best possible print quality. Our custom printing is second to none.


Distraction-free tables and desks

Oomph stacker panels for work stations share the same sound-absorbing, privacy-protecting features too. And with eighteen height/width combos to choose from, you have the ultimate freedom to customize any workspace.


Stylish, standalone serenity

Introduce great-looking freestanding partitions wherever sights or sounds distract. Block soundwaves and clear sightlines–fill your space with gorgeous colors, patterns, and prints. With a range of standard (and custom) sizes, you’ll set the right tone for any size room.

Oomph acoustic panel materail samples stacked next to a laptop computer displaying the Oomph Visualizer digital design tool.

Picture calm with the Oomph visualizer.

Play with thousands of Oomph materials, patterns, and inks – switch seamlessly between applications – find your perfect combination of quiet style.

Explore options


Explore real-world projects and products. Browse by product, application, or capability. Dive in and get inspired, then shape your own branded space.

Acoustic challenges simplified.

Oomph can transform your space acoustically and visually. But how do you put it to work in your space?

See acoustic glossary and FAQs
An office workspace with sound absorbing acoustic partitions.

Oomph Partitions downloads

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Need a sample?

Want to take a closer look? We’ll bring the full-service treatment to you with material samples delivered to your doorstep.

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