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ADA-compliant nurse-alert patient room sign with tamper-resistant alert tabs and replaceable insert designed and fabricated to meet the hospital's sign standard.

Better care
starts with Attend.

Communicating essential patient information is mission critical to healthcare spaces. Attend patient room signs do the work with clarity and without compromising on style.

ADA-compliant nurse-alert patient room sign with eight tamper-resistant alert tabs and custom-integrated biophilic wildflower image.

Connect, communicate and care – beautifully.

The doorway to a patient's room is the threshold from a common hallway to a private place of care. Serve each patient better by ensuring the information your staff needs is at the ready. Tabbed or magnetic icons improve communication, reduce risk and reinforce your commitment to care. Attend brings the added aesthetic benefits of our Fusion and Vivid lines to patient room signs.

Hands engage the tamper-resistant locking mechanism for the alert tabs on a nurse-alert sign with a playful space-themed design for a pediatric hospital.

Keeping tabs on patients just got easier.

Our slide tab design is easy to use and engineered to prevent unintended changes. It locks in place to keep relevant tabs visible and unneeded tabs tucked away. Choose from our wide selection of precaution icons or submit your own.

A hand positions an alert magnet on an ADA-compliant magnetic nurse-alert patient room sign; the sign includes a replaceable "droplets precaution" insert.

Magnetic meets iconic.

Our magnetic options make it simple to add or change a wide range of messages while keeping everyone in the loop in a high-turnover environment. Clearly and quickly communicate with universally easy-to-ID icons.

Attend Solutions

Attend patient room signs are inspired by our Fusion or Vivid signage platforms and can be configured in any of three ways. Choose slider tabs, slider tabs with inserts or magnetic options.

Attend Inserts

Enhance protections and precautions with insert options available for the Attend patient room signs. Inserts are printed on durable polycarbonate and can feature eight different color schemes.


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