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The brand implementation scale and skills you need.

Executing your vision requires broad reach, deep expertise, clear communication and relentless attention to detail. Takeform is designed to be your ideal partner for expansive implementation projects for healthcare, banking and more. Industries where trust matters.

Our Process

The End-to-end difference

By doing it all, we can do it all better. Faster and more cost efficiently. One point of contact from the start. Then when it's done, we offer top notch ownership support.

  • Design + engineering

    Plan and design everything. Design and planning are everything. The approved look will be engineered for function and marry your story with the space. A project manager coordinates and communicates everything — from planning to problem solving — and keeps your best interest, time line and bottom line in mind.

  • Manufacturing

    We do almost everything ourselves, because we can do it better. We enhance what already exists and create the products missing from the market, and we even take on sourcing. Materials and techniques assure aesthetic quality and long-term performance in equal measure.

  • Field services

    From a clean slate to a smooth finish. Each space is carefully and thoughtfully prepared — and repaired — and every sign is identified and confirmed. Installation is handled exclusively by vetted crews we’ve carefully trained and certified in the Takeform method.

  • Ownership services

    Even after it’s done, we’re not done. A rigorously documented complete sign system manual includes renderings, drawings, location plans and message schedules. Insert templates help keep your sign system up to date. Our ownership support program and all-inclusive 5-Year Guarantee — good for all parts, all labor — is unrivaled in the industry.

An experiential graphic designer working on a computer with a project rendering on screen.

Wherever you are, so are we.

Big brands have big reach. So do we. Hundreds or maybe thousands of locations? You can count on us. Locations in every state? We’re there for you. We have the logistical muscle, resources, and experience to implement on the largest scale. In fact, we do it every day.

Office space restoration in preparation for rebranding

Goodbye old, hello new.

Brand implementation projects are huge undertakings. Everyone wants to focus on the new and the shiny. But that’s only the conclusion of a successful implementation. We know decommissioning the old brand is where it starts – and we have what it takes to get it done. Removing the old – every logo, graphic, and sign of what was. Preparing the new – restoration, new paint, new finishes – to create a space worthy of your new brand.

A project manager sitting in front of two monitors. One monitor showing other members of a virtual call and the other has a project schedule.

Dig the details

Takeform has a longstanding reputation for exceptional project management and field service. It sets us apart and sets clients up for success. Responsive, deadline and bottom-line driven, organized, transparent, helpful – you'll have a single point of contact working with processes that ensure the project is a smash success.

Infographic flowchart of our brand implementation from planning and design to execution and implementation.

Straight to the source

Whether prototyping, engineering, manufacturing, sourcing, expediting or all manner of problem solving - we're right here. We're ready to step up and deliver and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure we get the job done. It's why so many of our clients return and refer us with confidence.

A digital image of Takeforms virtual platform for review and approval of signage and experiential graphics.

Real time progress, long term success

During the heat of a new project, our Takecharge technology streamlines the review and approval process. Approve or make a change – in real time. But installation is a starting point, not the finish line. We’re here to support you for the life of your brand system. That’s why Takecharge is also an invaluable asset management tool that gives an essential birds eye view designed to expedite updates of brand elements across your entire organization.

Two men reviewing interior bank teller signage samples.

Leaders for a reason

It takes experience to get experience. Brand implementation is one of our key areas of competency and expertise because we've worked on some of the largest rebrands across an impressive range of industries. We learn from, refine and work to perfect everything we do to the benefit of our next project – yours.

Hosptal corridor and tablet with sign system management application on screen.

Launch is just the beginning

Brands grow and adapt to thrive – new strategies, new needs. And their facilities deal with real-world challenges – from intentional reorganization to incidental damage. Takecare ownership service is designed to keep the brand in control of it all. Every day.

Our time is your time.

We know brand implementation projects involve complexities well beyond the branded environment. If those complexities limit your ability to focus on the branded environment project, we’re here to manage it for you. Your project. Your way.

Our other capabilities

Rendering of a hallway at Oklahoma States baseball facility with wall-to-wall Amplify wallcoverings and Ethos dimensional letters .

Branded Environments

We understand the why behind branded environments. In many cases, we pioneered the how. We apply it to your who and take it to your where. When creativity meets systems and results in impeccable execution, it's a safe bet it was a Takeform project.

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A sign installer carefully placing a room ID sign into place with a level.

Field Services

Starting with the site survey, through sign removal and wall repair to installation, we go end-to-end. Managing the project from start to finish saves time, money and headaches. Everyone likes that.

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