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Multi-color custom-printed freeform acoustic tile installation extends across three walls near a design studio

Extend your brand. Enhance your calm.

The way your space looks, sounds, and feels–it’s a vibe. Oomph acoustic design elements let you control every aspect of your decor with unlimited creative freedom. Oomph, there it is. 

A single green hexagon-shaped acoustic tile with a printed graphic line pattern on a blue wall in a computer suite

Haute hushness

Create from a deep catalog of print patterns, colors, and graphics–enough to make any designer yelp with joy–not that you’d hear it. With an *NRC rating up to .95, Oomph acoustic panels and shapes tame loud environments and extend your brand into every corner of a room. Play with thousands of ready-made combinations or specify your own full-color graphics for the ultimate in quiet style.

Detail of acoustic tile installation with a custom printed design featuring retro photos of a switchboard operator and phone

Immersive, multi-dimensional visuals

How many ways can you express yourself with Oomph? At least one more. Add dimensionality to your installation with assorted tile shapes, 17 of them to be exact. Arrange however you like. Mix and match colors, patterns, and forms for a multi-dimensional, multi-color brand statement. Of course, we can print custom images too.

Gray acoustic panel installation with diamond-shaped push-through pattern on a concrete wall in a contemporary office hospitality lobby

A push-through in design

Upgrade your acoustic tile design with intriguing geometric shapes and organic forms. Give your designs a subtle lift with push-through patterns that add dimension and interest to any installation.

Oomph - Wall Panels & Shapes Solutions

Acoustic panels and tile shapes tame loud environments and extend your brand into every corner of a room.

The Shapes standard arrangements

Graceful curves. Precise lines. Crisp angles. There's an arrangement for every space.

Picture calm with the Oomph visualizer.

Play with thousands of combinations. Play with Oomph materials, patterns, and inks – switch seamlessly between applications – find your perfect combination of quiet style.


Explore real-world projects and products. Browse by product, application, or capability. Dive in and get inspired, then shape your own branded space.

Acoustic challenges simplified.

Oomph can transform your space acoustically and visually. But how do you put it to work in your space?

See acoustic glossary and FAQs
A detail photo of the material that makes up acoustic shapes.

Oomph - Wall Panels & Shapes documents and downloads

Explore product brochures and specs or check installation guides and care instructions.

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Need a sample?

Want to take a closer look? We’ll bring the full-service treatment to you with material samples delivered to your doorstep.

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