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A waiting area with a yellow leather couch and a custom wall organizer holding magazines.

Wall organizers
keep paper in its place.

Skip the stacks, and keep things tidy with Additions wall organizers. Ideal for hospitals, schools, businesses, and anywhere papers, publications, or periodicals pile up.


Clutter not included.

Reading materials in the waiting room. Brochures at the service counter. Piles of printouts on a desk. Decluttering brings both added efficiency and a sense of calm to workspaces.

Organization made beautiful.

Organizers are often unattractive with use case besting aesthetic. With Additions wall organizers, you get all the benefits of a sturdy functional piece without compromising on looks. Products in high traffic or public areas can be both organized and be beautifully on brand.


Four products and many configurations – open-ended or enclosed, horizontal or vertical – work across a wide range of spaces and scenarios. Need something different? Let's talk about custom options.


Explore real-world projects and products. Browse by product, application, or capability. Dive in and get inspired, then shape your own branded space.

Wall Organizer Downloads

Download documents to support every stage of your project, from inception to installation, maintenance, and beyond.

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Need a sample?

Want to take a closer look? We’ll bring the full-service treatment to you with material samples delivered to your doorstep.

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