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We saved you a seat.

Bring your hard-earned skill, natural talents and a learner's mindset all to work with you on the daily. We want to see you shine.


What makes Takeform tick

“We contribute to our client’s success by assuring that their built environments embody brand – that they tell a story, support a common vision, spark emotional connections and create a sense of belonging.”

  • Always forward.

    We have tough competition. Ourselves. So we work hard to be a bit better today than we were yesterday.

  • Championing design.

    We ensure great design is not just a hallmark of any Takeform engagement, but is the jet fuel to every aspect of our business.

  • People first.

    Our people are our priority because they take care of our clients. And that's what matters most.

  • Defying convention.

    Going our own way and doing it our own way has meant we've never had to follow or play catch up. And we never will.

What we believe

Employee holding a spray paint backer board with an abstract design.

Design on Our Minds

Design is more than creative problem solving. It is a catalyst that permeates every aspect of our business. From sales to manufacturing to shipping, process to products, culture to team-building –design thinking inspires, informs and moves us forward.

A slideshow highlighting our various career paths from Manufacturing to Sales to Project Manager.

Do Good, Be Good

We're all in for our clients, each other and the industry-defining work we do. Your days will feel busy in the best possible way –full of meaningful work, good conversation and satisfaction of a job well done.


Future Forward

Leading an industry isn't a static place to stay, it's an ongoing challenge to undertake. We thrive in pushing ourselves, our processes and our products to be forever future-oriented, knowing it makes the present better, too.

We're serious about our work.

We're serious about our work.

We're serious about our work.

We're serious about our work.

But we don't take ourselves too seriously.

But we don't take ourselves too seriously.

But we don't take ourselves too seriously.

But we don't take ourselves too seriously.

Working at Takeform


The power of play

Onsite or off, play is serious business to all of us. It can be a friendly competition or a chance for a little creative expression. Fun ultimately makes workdays more productive and our work better.


Connection = creativity

Coming together around not-work helps us work together better. Our team looks forward to annually anticipated and spontaneous moments that include shared meals, sporting events, community activities around Medina and more.


A space that works for us

We fill our offices with durable surfaces to show off our work, sure, but also to welcome in all manner of rescue mutts and the occasional purebred. Dogs are not just welcomed in office, they're encouraged.

Welcome to your future.

Whether your career trajectory has been a straight line or a winding path, we look for multidisciplinary talent with a curious, why-not world view. You may excel at strategy. Or design. Or craftsmanship. Or sales. Or some combination of those. We excel at nurturing all kinds of talents.

Takeform reception area filled with custom branded experiential graphics.