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Vehicular wayfinding and parking signage in a parking facility adjacent to an elevator and parked car

Garage signage works hard and looks good with Transit

The parking garage may be the one place everyone coming to your space is sure to experience. Our Transit signage provides every sign type required — bang bars, overheads, flags, and wall mounts – to make sure those first and last impressions are as welcoming as they are easy to navigate.

Rugged structure of an overhead parking garage sign.

Made rugged. Made to last.

Attractive yet made for its environment, Transit is a completely engineered system with mounting hardware for every situation and surface. Made of stainless steel or aluminum to prevent corrosion, even high-traffic facilities are no match for Transit.

A large, brightly colored Transit level indicator and directional sign in a parking garage.

Transit Sign Types & Mounting Options

Engineered with rust-resistant mounting hardware for every situation, any surface. All hardware and support mechanisms have a minimum 4:1 safety factor with respect to load and pull-out strength.


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Transit documents and downloads

Explore product brochures and specs. Check installation guides and care instructions. Find code and compliance resources. And more.

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