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An eclectic office space featuring custom-printed acoustic wall panels and freestanding partitions in a lounge seating area.

Dial down noise, dial up your brand
with creative acoustic elements.

Sound absorbing elements provide noise mitigation without compromising one iota on design.

A contemporary hospitality dining room featuring acoustic wall panels and custom wallcovering on the walls and ceiling.

Oomph gives you options

Wanting more quiet and more engaging spaces may be universal these days. The unique needs of your space still require a hyperspecific solution. There's an ideal combination of Oomph configuration and graphics for every space.

An office wall with an acoustic wall tile installation made up of rectangular tiles of various sizes and shades of gray accented by custom printing and bright orange tiles.

Speak your brand loud and clear

Sound dampening products needn't dampen the vibe. Every acoustic design element is created to be as aesthetically minded as it is functional. Direct print graphics, colors, patterns and more bring your brand forward anywhere you add Oomph.

A custom-printed acoustic wall panel installation on a concrete wall in the corridor of an industrial-inspired office building.

Let's get visual

Explore how tens of thousands of ink color, material and pattern combinations could play together on each of our four acoustic element applications with the Oomph Pattern Visualizer.

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Want to take a closer look? We’ll bring the full-service treatment to you with material samples delivered to your doorstep.

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