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It's the only way to go.

We work in the built environment, and we care deeply about the natural environment. By championing awareness into action, we look to improve products, material selection and processes. From big ideas – like powering our HQ from Niagara Falls big – to small everyday decisions to reduce, reuse and recycle, we're focused on and committed to sustainability.

Designed and built to last

We've been doing this work long enough to know longevity and durability are the most sustainable product strategies and the best path forward for a company like ours and customers like you. Keeping product on the wall keeps it out of the landfill. Keeping our promises for quality and durability.

Sustainability is simple in theory, and we tackle the complexities required to make it a reality. Quality materials and fabrication plus an eye to timeless design leads to products with a longer usable lifespan. Achieving product longevity conserves materials and energy that would be required for new product manufacturing. With an extended product life cycle, we can reduce shipping-related material and energy consumption for replacement product. The end result – our work is made to last and made to lessen impact on our planet.

Powered by Niagara

The Takeform Studio and Factory in Medina, New York is run exclusively on 100% renewables. How? Thank Niagara Falls. Western New York may be known as a snowy, snowy place but we celebrate every foot of the wintery white stuff since that melt becomes a tremendous source of year-round power. Hydropower is a completely renewable resource and produces no waste and no greenhouse gases.


Recycled meets recyclable

Our approach to recycling is as holistic as it comes. We select materials with high post-industrial/post-consumer content. Then prioritize ones that are also recyclable. Take Vivid and Oomph – both are made from 65% post-industrial waste and are 100% recyclable. Our packaging, including corrugated boxes and shredded paper materials, are composed of 30% - 100% post-consumer waste.

What's more, we recycle all paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum and printer waste. Takeform's total recycled volume is up twenty-fold from 2003.


Even our sampling is more sustainable

A single sample may be small, but over time and projects and distances – the impact can add up. We partner with Material Bank and other sustainability-minded brands to mitigate our sampling carbon footprint by significantly reducing the impact of packaging and shipping single samples. We celebrated Material Bank's Carbon Impact Program and 100% carbon neutral shipping since 2020 and look forward to their Net Zero by 2040 efforts.


Membership and certification logos


Member / Health Products Documentation Collaborative (HPD)

Dedicated to improving the building industry’s performance through transparency, openness and innovation in the practices of reporting, disclosure, specification and selection of building products.


Mindful Materials

Dedicated to reducing, and ultimately reversing, the embodied impacts of the built environment through our collective material choices.


EPA TSCA Title VI Compliant products

Meets requirements that composite wood products be tested and certified, ensuring only compliant products enter the product supply chain.


CARB ATCM Compliant products

Meets requirements by the California Air Resources Board to reduce air emissions from mobile and stationary sources.