17 points to consider about your sign company before you purchase

Author: Takeform

  1. Do they have design sensitivity – can they “connect" signage to your architecture and space?
  2. Do they understand wayfinding?
  3. Do they understand branding?
  4. Do they manufacture the signage themselves?
  5. Do they have a custom sign product which may make it more difficult to add to or support?
  6. Do they provide signage that you can update easily?
  7. Do they create location plans, plots, and mapping?
  8. Do they provide proofs of every sign, assuring that each meets the aesthetic and functional intent?
  9. Do they take responsibility for compliance with all ADA and life/safety codes? Do they interface with code officers, obtain permits and address variance issues on your behalf?
  10. Do they provide installation services?
  11. Do they perform a pre-install survey to verify site conditions and to avoid placement/fit issues?
  12. Do they provide price protection guaranteeing the price you pay for reorders and follow-on signs?
  13. Do they have a web portal for the purpose of managing your sign system – a site where you can access your entire sign system – so when you need to add a sign it is priced and ready to ship.
  14. Do they provide you with a dedicated account executive - a single point of contact for “everything signage"?
  15. Do they offer “ownership services" designed to minimize your cost of ownership?
  16. Can they service national accounts?
  17. Do they offer a 5 year Guarantee which promises your satisfaction regardless of reason or circumstance?

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