Evaluating wayfinding companies:
5 key fulfillment factors

Question 1

Do they manufacture what they design?

Integration of design and production is key to a successful project. Disconnects often result in missed deadlines, increased budgets and frustrating complications.

Question 2

Do they provide a system and products you can update easily?

Organizations are ever-changing. Effective systems allow for easy revisions without sacrificing aesthetic or functional quality.

Question 3

Do they take responsibility for compliance with all ADA and life/safety codes?

Do they interface with code officers, obtaining permits and addressing variance issues on your behalf?

Question 4

Do they perform a pre-install survey to verify suitable site conditions and avoid issues related to placement and fit of each component?

This helps keep projects on-plan, on-schedule and on-budget.

Question 5

Do they provide installation services?

This critical phase requires understanding of design intent in order to deliver the functional and aesthetic standards you expect.

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