What are the real advantages to wayfinding services? Here are 6 questions to consider:

Advantage 1

Do they offer ownership services designed to maximize the value of your system over the long term?

Advantage 2

Do they provide price protection by guaranteeing the price you pay for reorders and follow-on signs?

Advantage 3

Do they offer a five-year guarantee which promises your satisfaction, regardless of reason or circumstance?

Advantage 4

Do they provide you with a dedicated account executive – a person with experience who knows you, your facility and your sign system – someone ready to help when you need them?

Advantage 5

Do they have an individualized web portal to manage your investment? Will they provide a secure site to access your entire wayfinding system, add signs, get pricing, place orders and arrange shipment?

Advantage 6

Do they have the reach and infrastructure to service national accounts? Whether you have one location or many, will they be there for you?

Learn how we answer yes to all with our TakeCare program.

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