Add protective panels to any workspace. Simply.

Adjoin is the creative panel system that fits almost every workspace scenario.

Workstation with protective Adjoin panels

Divide & Unite

We all want to get back to the office, but we also want to know we're safe. Adjoin brings protection by integrating easily with most furniture systems or accommodating virtually any freestanding installation. Select materials or finishes to complement your space or brand. You can even specify custom graphics for added brand presence. All this is accomplished without the need for drilling or fasteners that would compromise the integrity of your furniture investment.


Any workstation. Any aesthetic. Simple tool-free retrofit

Adapter rendering

Our system adapts for you

Takeform engineers adapters to connect Adjoin to your specific workstation. It's all about the thickness of your workstation component – and measuring is easy – we even provide the calipers. Then just select your material, choose from our standard height options, and specify your exact panel width measurement. See the simple step-by-step instructions provided below.

Workstation panels

Function, cleanability, and design work side-by-side.

Specify Adjoin to add protection that stands up to effective disinfecting products, including bleach, while providing the aesthetic sensitivity that enhances your space for the long term.

15 second install

Adjoin protects your budget and schedule.

Save time and significant installation costs. Adjoin's adapter system makes installation nearly effortless. Just lift the panel and slide the stacker on your workstation. Done.

Adjoin workstation panel ordering process

Ready to fortify your workspace for what lies ahead? Here is our simple step-by-step ordering process.

Step 1:

Specify workstation application for each panel*


1. Freestanding Desktop

Bracket mounted

2. Bracket-mounted Desktop

Panel Topper

3. Panel Topper

*Please provide in situ photos of workstations for engineering reference.

Step 2:

Select leg/adapter color

Adapter color black

1. Black

Adapter color white

2. White

Adapter color gray

3. Gray

Step 3:

Specify panel dimensions

Workstation/Desk panel sizing:

1. 11" panel height x exact width (16"w-95"w)

2. 15" panel height x exact width (16"w-95"w)

3. 18" panel height x exact width (16"w-95"w)

4. 23.5" panel height x exact width (16"w-95"w)


Thickness measurement:

We'll ship you free calipers and instructions. Just fit caliper to the edge of your workstation component and send us a photo of the caliper in position, as shown to the left, so we can read the measurement.

Step 4:

Specify material

1. Acrylic clear or frosted

2. High pressure laminate

3. Moxie (ACM) with custom direct-print graphics (see step 5)

4. Magnetic

Step 5 (optional):

Graphics for Moxie (ACM) panels

Collaborate with Takeform design team to create custom graphics or translate existing graphics to your Adjoin panels.

Work station
Download Adjoin brochure pdf

Adjoin is the creative panel system that fits almost every workspace scenario.

  • Cleanable protection, privacy, and style to nearly any modular workstation system, bench-style desking, or floor space.
  • Designed to easily integrate with furniture systems or accommodate almost any freestanding installation.
  • Ability to specify custom graphics for added brand presence.
  • Engineered adapters to connect Adjoin to your specific workstation.

Download Adjoin brochure

Adjoin includes Freestanding Partitions, too.

Looking for additional ways to stylishly protect the workplace?

Explore our Adjoin Freestanding blog

Freestanding Workstation

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