Create positive brand connections through recurring, new-normal moments.

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Don't we all feel it these days – some nagging sense of vulnerability? It's a low-grade worry that happens whenever we venture out and visit communal places. Whether we realize it or not, we're in survival mode. We look around and instantly evaluate the space we're entering, the people moving through it, and the organization that brings us all together. How seriously do they take safety, or more to the point, my safety?

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Small steps for building your brand

So, in these days of COVID-19, what better place to do a little brand building? These little points of resolution and relief that happen over and over throughout your space provide perfect opportunities to display empathy. Each is a chance for your brand to connect with the individual at a quietly critical moment.

It seems obvious, right? Then why are so many PPE stations on the market lacking in style, let alone the ability to convey brand and connect on a personal level? Just because they dispense sanitizer doesn't mean their presence has to look sterile.

PPE dispenser
PPE dispenser
PPE dispenser

Customizable PPE stations provide an engaging place to make a brand statement. Logo, color, and graphics are a given, but equally important is on-brand messaging that demonstrates your organization's attitude and commitment to the user's health. Each dispenser is a chance to show compassion in your brand voice. What tone is right for your organization and audience? Understated? Instructional? Optimistic? Maybe a little humorous or satirical?

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Early Learning Academy PPE dispenser

Invest in creativity

To navigate COVID-19 successfully, organizations must provide PPE throughout their facilities. So why not leverage the distribution stations to build connection. These vital touchpoints offer valuable opportunities to invest a little creativity and brand presence that will do their part to build lasting relationships that will outlast the pandemic.

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