Branded Social Distancing Floor Decals

Retail bank office with branded social distancing flor decals installed in a six-foot grid in teller line area

We all understand the social-distancing concept on a theoretical level, but have you noticed how difficult it can be to put into practice? It's especially challenging when preoccupied – old habits can take over.

Help people practice healthy distancing with strategically-placed floor decals. You'll demonstrate a commitment to staff, customers, and your community while keeping them safe. It's an easy and effective way to protect everyone that moves through your space.

Social Distancing Floor Decal circular design

• Designed to your brand standards

• Size and shape to fit your space

• Your messaging or ours

• Non-slip surface

• Applies to smooth flooring or carpet

• Quick delivery

• Easy to install and remove

• Economical for short-term use

We're here to help you make your space safer.
Let's get started.

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