Author: Duane Fisher, Director of Wayfinding

Don't forget the breadcrumb followers.

You may already have posted maps, yet wonder why some people still get lost. Or you may be one who gets confused with map information, and find yourself turning left when you should have turned right.

“When it comes to wayfinding, there are two different ways individuals process information."

When it comes to wayfinding, there are two different ways individuals process information. First, there is the spatial mapper who can and prefers to follow maps. They like to process overall, global information. Then there is the individual who does not process map information very well and does better with the step-by-step visual cues. Breadcrumb followers.

More than likely, you already use visual cues. It is easy and convenient to give directions by saying: "Turn right at the Donor Wall" "Follow the corridor and turn left at the Cafeteria." In fact, this makes wayfinding easy not only for visitors, but for staff as well.

Knowing there are two different ways people process wayfinding, we need to develop a wayfinding program that works for both types of individuals. The inclusion of environmental graphics, art and interior finish cues that work with the wayfinding system can be as important as the maps and signs. Thus, you may develop a more comprehensive system that works for more people. Inclusion of marketing staff, or a patient focus group will assure success of a program that reinforces your branding, making the visitor experience a more positive one.

Interior Signage Directional Wayfinding
Interior Signage Directional Wayfinding

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