Grubhub World Headquarters: Chicago
Delivering on-brand work experiences

Fun, challenging, entertaining, cool. In today's highly competitive job market, workplace experience is a valuable differentiator. Grubhub knows that attracting and keeping the best talent is crucial to rapid growth. Culture, activities, and opportunity are all key ingredients for lasting success. But the branding of their space provides the energizing setting that brings it all together.

That's where Takeform delivers.

Elevator doors open. The graphic experience begins with the rich look of reclaimed wood. It's a warm aesthetic familiar to many contemporary restaurants. For a busy corporate environment, it was made practical through a more durable finish and Takeform engineering. But that's just the backdrop. We collaborated with Grubhub designers to bring a vibrant logo statement and playful dining emoji pattern to the wall's rich surface. The 34-inch-high red logotype is made even more dramatic with halo/backlighting that energizes the logo and the entire wall.

Feeling adventurous? Grubhub is all about food experiences, and for many, that means trying something new. So why not leave your next meal to chance instead of choice. The “Lunch Roulette" wheel makes today's lunch selection old-school interactive. Gather around, spin the wheel, and see what each person is ordering today. It's an idea borne from collaboration between the Grubhub and Takeform design teams. The chalkboard magnetic surface lets staff swap out the magnet menu options or write in entrees as tastes and clients change. And our overengineered mechanicals will keep the wheel spinning for years' worth of lunches.

It's Chicago. Pizza anyone? You'll find a more subtly-dramatic installation in Grubhub's South Hall. It's an engaging homage to the restaurants that make Chicago-style pizza famous. The “Mixed Media Hallway" is a custom display that acts as a sort of pizzeria wall of fame – new boxes are being added daily. This custom display system frames and protects each wall-mounted box behind a clear lens with a direct-printed black border. The wall is accessorized with tools of the trade – a variety of intriguing pizza paddles.

This look at Grubhub is just an appetizer. Chicago, New York, Tel Aviv, watch for more about their brand experiences coming soon. (No tip required.)

Ready to order? Let us know what you have in mind. We deliver.

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