NeoCon 2017 Rewind

This year we were excited to unveil three new products; our completely refreshed Fusion interior signage collection, our mobile-friendly Design Center tool and our award-winning Recognition Display platform.

With the new Fusion, every detail of your environment will work in perfect harmony. Fusion is more than a signage system. Because it does more than help people get where they're going. It says something about who your client is.

The newly re-designed Fusion introduces the expressive potential of printed backers which allows you to express your brand to it's fullest potential. Five new families have been designed specifically to show off the printed backer, allowing you more room to echo the attitude of your environment. For even greater creative range, we've added a whole suite of printed patterns for backers plus an all-new finish palette.

Fusion. Infinitely you.

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“At Neocon we're truly in our element… so many great opportunities to talk design and discuss exciting new projects. We're energized by the enthusiastic response to our three new products – can't wait for 2018."

- Phil Daggar Director of Corporate Branding, Takeform

The new Design Center is an online ideation tool that enables architects and designers efficient concept development of sign designs that reflect the specific aesthetic of any architectural space. Now, architects and designers can work with combined creative range of Vivid and the new Fusion – Takeform's two industry leading sign systems.

The Design Center speaks the language of designers. With Vivid, users create designs that connect to space through printed pattern, imagery and graphics. Design to the aesthetic of space, to create a mood or to tell a story. Designing the new Fusion is to design with fine architectural finishes, and now, the added creative potential of the direct print technology. The Designs Center offers a completely updated designer finishes and now includes the ability to specify dynamic printed backers inspired by an all-new pattern palette.

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Reserved appreciation or roaring ovation, Applaud Recognition Displays say “thank you" in an aesthetic voice uniquely fitting the space it occupies and the organization it represents. Applaud maximizes creative expression while simplifying the specification process. Each Applaud Recognition Wall is designed from an extensive palette of components which can be constructed from almost any interior finish. And, for even greater originality, Applaud can include imagery and pattern through the expressive power of direct printing.With Applaud, saying “thanks" is just one reason to install a captivating display in your space. Applaud recognition system can portray your history.

Commemorate the achievements of your staff. Showcase award recipients. And adapt as new chapters in your story unfold.

Extend your Thanks

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Can any of these three new products make an impact on your work in progress? Let us know and an account manager will get in touch soon. We think this process should be simple, and we'll do everything we can to make it so.

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