Putting our heads together.

The branding of Mindtree's inspired workspaces demonstrates how we've built Takeform to ally with architects and interior designers.

Working with Parette Somjen Architects (PSA) was an exciting opportunity to help them infuse brand experience into their client's space. Working with PSA, and guided by Mindtree's belief in the “power of people," we combined contemporary nature- and technology-inspired graphics with engaging type design to create visual focal points throughout the spaces. The clean architectural lines and open floorplans drove exacting standards for these prominent brand statements.

Thanks to years of working with the A&D community, our design team intuitively translated PSA's branding concept to the specs of the space and the production specifications of our products. We worked closely with PSA designers to realize their aesthetic expectations, while our engineering, production and install teams ensured precise execution.

Design is in our DNA. We've engineered every aspect of our business with architects and interior designers in mind – we think of ourselves as designers for designers. But that's only part of the story. An idea is only as strong as its execution. Our end-to-end delivery model ensures the concept realizes its full potential while minimizing the effort for our A&D partners.

We can help breathe life into your workspace.

Get in touch with us and we'd love to help you work through questions, planning and implementation.

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