Rapid Deployment Signage & Accessories for the New Healthcare Reality.

You need it now.
An affordable, complete system ready to deploy.

Respond is a full interior and exterior signage & accessory system that's ready to go – stat.

  • A comprehensive selection of COVID-19 messaging.
  • (we can also quickly customize to your specific need)
  • A complete line of durable wayfinding and informational signage for interior and exterior use
  • Designed for extended temporary use.
  • Signage configured for every situation: wall signage, freestanding, banners, floor decals, window films, and self-adhesive wall posters.
Hospital interior corridor with various COVID-19 messaging displayed by Takeform's Respond Rapid Deployment Sign System

Communication is critical.

Case in point: COVID-19. Patient surges drive new communication needs throughout healthcare systems. They can necessitate the reconfiguration of healthcare facilities. And for those areas most affected, the patient influx my even drive the transformation of expansive, non-medical structures into critical care centers. Through it all, effective communication and signage is crucial to everyone's success, and more importantly, their health. Communication matters:

  • Clarity keeps people calm and instills confidence.
  • Patient-focused messaging keeps staff on task by reducing disruptions.
  • Up-to-date exterior and interior wayfinding gets people where they need to be.
  • Instructional signage helps patients take the right action protecting their health and that of those they encounter.
Monument sign
Directional sign

Confidence through clear, professional communication.

Clarity and professionalism demonstrate the competence and preparedness of your healthcare system.

  • The right message conveyed with clarity instills trust.
  • Appropriate tone inspires the appropriate response.
  • Communication tools are a reflection of the organization they represent.
Sign renderings
Assure protective shield

Protection assured.

Business must continue. But the health risks will remain for the foreseeable future. Assure protects your staff and the people they serve with its simple, reliable construction. Assemble in seconds. Position anywhere. No hardware or tools.

Download Assure sell sheet

Dispensing a healthier environment.

Hand sanitizer is a most coveted personal disinfecting product. It needs to be at critical points throughout your facility. Our easily installed, wall-mounted Sanitizer Stations become prominent beacons of health that can also be configured to dispense tissues, gloves, masks, and gowns.

Choose the configuration right for you

Sanitizer station

Designed for easy installation.

During a crisis, every minute matters. Respond is designed to save time and effort. With only a few simple tools and readily-available supplies, your facilities people can quickly install Respond so it can be guiding people the day it arrives.

  • Ships flat-packed for easy portability.
  • Wall signs install in minutes with basic tools and supplied hardware.
  • Freestanding Monument signs quickly assemble with press in fasteners. No tools required.
  • Wall posters and window films are repositionable for easy installation.
  • Assure protection shields assemble in seconds with no tools or hardware.

Encourage healthy spacing.

Social Distancing Decals superimposed over an overhead image of well-spaced walking people

We all understand the social-distancing concept on a theoretical level, but have you noticed how difficult it can be to put into practice? It's especially challenging when preoccupied – old habits can take over.

Help people practice healthy distancing with strategically-placed floor decals.

Learn more about branded floor decals

Wait decal

Respond is designed to meet the demands of an urgent crisis without sacrificing the clarity and professionalism your community has come to expect from your organization.

Serving healthcare facilities is second nature to Takeform. Whether it's providing the signage that keeps a facility and its people working smoothly, the wayfinding that keeps people moving confidently, or the services that get it all done seamlessly, we've got it all down to a science.

We're here to help you get you and your community through COVID-19 — all with the fast response required to deal with this crisis.

Reach out today.

Takeform is ready to help you stand up to COVID-19 now.

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