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We all want our students to get back to school so they can learn and grow together.

But as much as we all share that desire, we'll also share COVID-19 concerns for the foreseeable future. That risk isn't going away soon. Trusting our schools and universities is going to take a foundational change in the way we do almost everything. And change is not easy.

That's why we designed Return.

It's a suite of back-to-school signage, graphics, readiness stations, and partitioning solutions backed by our Healthy School Planning service. Return helps everyone come back to their school in a healthier way and allows them to feel safe in the spaces where learning gets done. And like everything Takeform does, Return brings the design sensitivity that will complement your spaces for the duration.

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Your School. Your Plan. Our Team.
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In a very real way, returning to familiar schools is like exploring uncharted territory. The welcoming spaces students, parents, and faculty so appreciated pre-COVID-19, now pose potential threats to the health of people and institutions alike. Transforming schools into spaces that protect everyone is equally about protecting our future.

How can you find your way through this new academic reality and create a safe environment? It all starts with planning.

First, every layout detail of your unique facility must be closely considered. From your parking area, through every entry point, to every corner of your campus, threats and opportunities must be identified.

  • Where are the infection risks?
  • How can each threat be mitigated?
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Takeform's planners and wayfinders are experts at evaluating spaces and understanding how the layout of the school building and entire campus affects people's movement and behavior. Armed with plans for your facility, our experts deliver a strategy that provides protection and communicates confidence:

  • Traffic flow management maximizes social distancing throughout your facility.
  • Protective stacker and partition placement minimizes exposure and maximizes distancing in close quarters.
  • Infection control accessory placement locates readiness/sanitizer stations that dispense sanitizer, tissues, masks, and gloves where they are most effective.
  • Signage system placement effectively locates the right message in the right location to encourage healthy behavior while instilling confidence for everyone that moves through your space.

Your guide to Return and getting back to school

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Download Return Education brochure

The Return Education brochure is an overview of Return's planning service and comprehensive product line.

Download the complete Return Education Playbook

The Return Education playbook delivers 32 school scenarios that provide product, signage and messaging recommendations that will help you make your facility safe one space at a time.


A plan is only as good as its execution. So Return is the complete solution that provides expert thinking to help you develop the right strategy PLUS the products to bring the plan to fruition. Protection. Infection control. Communication. And if you prefer, we'll install it for you too.

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Readiness Stations

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) plays a key roll in infection prevention. Having PPE readily available at key entry and transition points and other readily-accessible areas throughout your campus is key to protecting your students and faculty while instilling confidence in everyone that moves through your space.

Return offers four readiness station configurations specifically curated to meet the needs of the school environment. Choose from multi-product stations to dispense hand sanitizer, face masks, and tissues to single-product dispensers for surface wipes or hand sanitizer.

Our Healthy School Planning team can help you get Readiness Stations in the optimal locations throughout your space.

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Interior and Exterior
Signage Platform

Communication is key to healthy habits and confidence. Return is the signage solution that provides comprehensive messaging options and a complete range of product and materials to fit every campus scenario.

Signage plays three vital roles in a healthy school:

  • Policy communication Everyone must understand the your protective rules and guidelines.
  • Instructional guidance Once the policies are understood, location and situation-specific directions and reminders should be posted to encourage healthy behaviors.
  • Confidence building Last, but not least, the policy and instructional messaging must be backed by signage that conveys your concern and competence in order to instill trust and a sense of well being.
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