We create powerful visual experiences within built environments. We transform spaces through inspired design. And we deliver that inspiration through our award-winning products. It takes so many different talents. Business savvy. Creative thinking. Technical expertise. Hands-on know how. If you have it, we want it.

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All hands on deck.

We promise you; you'll be busy—in a good way—the days zip by because we're passionate. We put our heart, head and hands into everything we do.

Design is everywhere.

Takeform is all about design. But wait, that doesn't mean we're only focused on designers. The way we see it, design is creative problem solving that involves all of us, from sales to manufacturing to shipping, every detail of our business can be improved through design.

Growth is good.

Growth inspires us. Abilities, talent, confidence. We love seeing our people grow. As our people grow, so does our company and that means even more opportunity for more people. Check out Anthony's story below.

Imagine what your journey could be.

Anthony is an inspiring, but not atypical, example of someone who has achieved great things here at Takeform. He steadily progressed from an entry-level manufacturing position to an accomplished project manager. He first joined our manufacturing department providing an important polishing function on certain product components. His attention to detail and understanding of our processes advanced him to pre-production in which he developed skills in collaboration and team leadership. From there, he moved into project management to guide client projects and work with stakeholders. His next role found him building our Planning Department from the first hire to a fully-functional team. Most recently, Anthony is overseeing complex projects for national brands across the country as an integral member of our Project Management team.

So… could this be you?

The smell of coffee in the air. The whiff of marker on whiteboard. The buzz of imaginations on fire. There's nothing quite like a team of energized professionals creating together. Through cool design. Engineering. Craftsmanship. Strategy. If you're intrigued by the challenge of helping people find their way, this could be the perfect fit.

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